Our Team of Experts

When you need new roofing, or a few repairs, you should expect the best-made materials and excellent workmanship. You will get both when you work with Bainbridge. Whether it’s asphalt shingles or low-sloped, we offer nothing less than top quality. Call now for a free estimate on roof repair, roof replacement and installation for your home or building.


Quality Roofing Repairs

Has a wind storm blown through? Has hail pummeled your shingles? Call us whether or not you see signs of trouble. Our company is certified by Haag Engineering and a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. We can spot problems quickly and restore your topside protection.

Visible damage – Hail and flying objects can crack your expensive slate, which may need replacement. If you have asphalt shingles, those that are not well-adhered can be torn off by wind. And if you have metal, large hailstones at the right angle can dent the edges and allow water easy access to the underside. Even if you escaped with nothing more than pockmarks, those indentations can hold water against your roof.

Hidden damage – It is important to call a professional roofing contractor for an inspection after a storm for two reasons: First, water will find a way to exploit any weakness bad weather leaves behind, and you may not know it for weeks or months. Second, if you have an insurance claim, the company may deny coverage if you wait too long to file.

The good news is that we have the resources to do accurate inspections and help with filing insurance paperwork. We save you the hassle! It’s part of our customer care promise.

Roofing  Replacement

Maybe you face extensive storm damage; maybe you just want a fresh new look for your home. No matter why you call our local roofing service, we can show you a wide range of choices that meet your style, budget, and energy-saving objectives. You will never get hard-sell tactics with us; you always make the final decision.

Roof Types

Asphalt shingle – Also known as composition roofing, it is made from an organic or fiberglass matting, followed by a layer of asphalt and topped with protective mineral granules. The newest types combine Cool Roof technology in a wide range of colors. We offer affordable basic three-tab as well as laminated designer styles from GAF, CertainTeed, Atlas, Tamko, Owens Corning and others.

Metal Roofing – This new roof option costs a bit more but lasts four times as long as shingles. Standing seam attaches panels vertically from the ridge to the eaves. Fasteners are raised and often covered for long-lasting protection. Metal shingle roof types are a good choice for high-wind areas and low-sloped surfaces. They have four-way fasteners that lie flat and can mimic the look of wood or tile.

Cedar Shake – Natural redwood lends a rustic look to any home or business, and can be treated for longevity and fire-resistance. Shakes are roughly-hewn boards installed in a random form, while cedar shingles are precisely cut to a uniform size. We use only pressure-treated cedar from the most reputable providers.

Slate – This quarried stone comes in many shades and price points. Each piece is carefully cut and sized to give you an impressive, one-of-a-kind new roof. Because the pieces are brittle, they must be hung or nailed to the decking with great care to prevent cracking. Our residential roofing service has extensive experience with this premium material. We know the right sources for high quality stone that will not discolor or leach.

Low-sloped – If you own a flat-topped building, you need extra protection because rainwater has a tendency to “pond” on the surface. Our highly skilled technicians can repair, replace or install all new flat roof types: built-up, tar and gravel, metal, and single-ply surfaces.